Black Out

Such pun!

Random comic?


9 Responses to “Black Out”

  1. I LOVE THIS! ❤ Blackie 🙂

  2. oh noes! is blacky turning emo? 80 😦

  3. and that’s how black was discovered

  4. umm..
    i dont geddit

    • the speech bubbles are moving forward
      therefore, the chalk is walking
      the *thud* is the sound of the chalk walking into something
      and the last frame is the chalk’s face.

      get it? 😛
      I was going to put footprints, or keep the eyes on each frame, but that makes it too obvious. the thud has more effect this way.

  5. Jaya Wewa!…


  6. Llo… I’m glad Dee saved me the asking!

  7. love it…………… more more

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