Interference #3 (this could go on)

Yay! Spongebob and Patrick, I mean, Yellow and Green are dead!

Click here for more details on climate change:

Random comic?


5 Responses to “Interference #3 (this could go on)”

  1. egad!!!! the gore!!!! more more mooore!!!

  2. ZOMFCG!
    Vut is with all the dying? O.o
    Kill the red guy too! >:D

  3. Vart is going to zee chalks?? No kill purple guy u Fallen one. I vill eat u, u bugger.

  4. I hope there’s a lightsabre duel at the end of all of this! 😛 😉 lol

  5. erk. loved the environmental message tho 😀

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