He has a point.

Seriously though, climate change is a serious issue, and should be taken seriously. Like, seriously. I’m serious! Stop laughing -_-

Click here for more details:
(also, ignore the emo post about a menstruating planet Earth)

Random comic?


12 Responses to “Interference”

  1. LOL. Look at the blue guy’s face.
    God man the Black guy! He has serious issues.

  2. oooh blood! yay! 😀

  3. Death by a matching colour pencil…oh cruel cruel fate!

  4. haha. wait, are we paying you for this?

  5. chalk bleed?! 😛

  6. You got paid to write this one, didn’t you?!

    Paid or threatened…

    or blackmailed…


  7. Hey, love the PSA!!! 🙂 Keep going keep going 😀

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