Who’s Next?

dun dun dun daa!

dun dun dun da!

dun dun.

Random comic?


10 Responses to “Who’s Next?”

  1. aw purple pencil with the purple flower thingy is cute 🙂

  2. Finally! colour pencils! its about time they got here… B-)

  3. Aww the purple flower bouquet. Ehehe. Amseriously gonna kill the nigga one day! >:S

  4. oooh this is gonna be interesting! 😀

  5. in the words of Dee, I repeat “ofuk”!!!!!!

    PS: Love the bouquet.

  6. Love the flowers! And the purple pencil… Why is black always so nasty?

  7. Oh noes…
    Whatever next!

  8. ’em pencils got issues. -_’

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