… oh noes, not again!

Random comic?


11 Responses to “Snitch”

  1. wow… 😕 and you kill pencils with sharpeners? 😀

  2. oh noes. Blue chalky. Oh noes!

  3. oh great, these spies are popping up like flies

  4. ah so the blue guy is not a chalk???
    and pencils? hmmmmm 😀

  5. Haha nice!
    So purple & dark blue are both spies 😀
    or Purple WAS a spy… Or still is… Or not…
    & Dark blue is a spy for the pencils… or maybe the chalk… Or not…
    Make up your mind, men. -__-

  6. I’ve been saying Chalk that Talks so much in my head that its now stuck as “Talk that Chalks…”

  7. show the pencils drawingh some battle plans and discussing logistics next!

  8. COLOR PENCILS!!! woot! \m/

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