Freedom Of Speech Bubbles

… does not exist. Fag.

Random comic?


13 Responses to “Freedom Of Speech Bubbles”

  1. haha i really like this one!

  2. Awww Cyan! 😦

    Nice Fallen 😉

  3. hahaha this one is good! 😀 deepest darkest secrets eh? 😉


    Why’d you have to smudge that out man? 😦

    Awesome comic, though. I love it. ;D

  5. ado! ur gay?? shaa who wud’ve thought.. 😛

  6. i love this !!!
    btw you Gay ? O.O

  7. HAHAHA… This one is awesome 😀

  8. Superb! Was this the one you were telling me about?

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