Red Is The Colour Of Love

… and that is the colour of puke.

Random comic?


16 Responses to “Red Is The Colour Of Love”

  1. Cyan will never live it down 😀

  2. Hahaa!! 😀 cyan is sooo clueless! he’s my fave ! 😀

  3. Is Pink shocked or jealous? Hmm…

  4. LOL! That is so cool! Poor red.

  5. hormonal imbalance common in chalk biology?

  6. nice throwup! hahaha 😀

  7. and its green hahahaha

  8. Aney hijinx is right. Poor red!


  10. wait a minute, is red a fag too?

  11. LOL @ Southpark-style vomit.

  12. Where did pink go?! o.O

  13. I think pink is an under-appreciated chalk. Poor thing.

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