Spies Among Us

… who would’ve thunk?

Random comic?


12 Responses to “Spies Among Us”

  1. knew that fag was upto no good! hahaha 😀

    yeah, I’m fully aware that there might be a twist! 😛

  2. I was going to say Red Herring, but red looks as shocked as anyone else

  3. Okay fiiine purple guy IS a fag 😛
    interesting twist!

  4. I’m also with Dili. BTW GadgetGirl would be very sad abt this.

  5. Ok da purple one is a batty boy, but is they all male or do u get da chix as well or they all have only a single sex n whateva?

  6. Here that’s Magenta, not Purple. YOU CHANGED COLOURS.

  7. don’t whiteboard makers dry up? don’t worry chalks you have a secret weapon too 🙂

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