Is This War?

… stay tuned to find out!

Random comic?


17 Responses to “Is This War?”

  1. Go Team Chalk! Minus the black one. I bet he’s a spy.

  2. So this is your awesome idea?? 😀

  3. ooooh, are you planning to kill off the purple one? 😉

  4. this is like humans vs terminators *goes to get popcorn* 😀

  5. Intriguing.. very.. okay what about the Purple marker? He is gay too?
    and are they permanent markers or white board markers?
    awaits with many question in head..hmmmmmm

  6. I’m firmly on the chalk side. ^^
    & I agree with PseudoRandom- the black dude is too sinister. He must be a spy!

  7. The SUSPENSE. It’s killing me

  8. Goooo chalkies!!!!! 🙂

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