When Dusters Attack

… your ass is next.

Random comic?


14 Responses to “When Dusters Attack”

  1. this black dude is kind rude eh?

    purple thing gets lot of crap tehehe

  2. I’m never saving you from anything

  3. Poor Purple Chalkie 😦

  4. Pow purple…Baad blackie !

  5. i thought he saved his ass??

  6. Haha! 😀 He saved the other chalk’s ass and lost his own… Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious -_-

  7. The black one should have got blown up by the suicide chalker. >_<

  8. Death to the Black chalk! Purply should’ve let him get dusted.

  9. why is purple getting attacked so much? 😦
    Bad black/grey chalk!

  10. anal failure!! hahaha 😀

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