Suicide Bombers

… are emo fags.

Random comic?


10 Responses to “Suicide Bombers”

  1. Hahahaha brilliant! One of my faves! 😀

  2. dang… imagine the fallout?! 😀

  3. okay this is “LOL” worthy.. cruelty in its funniest way 😀

  4. reminded me of Achmed 😛

  5. 😆 its a bio terror attack. the deaths will be from chalk dust allergies 😀

  6. hahahahhahah! love this one.
    im suprised u didnt add the purple one somewhere in teh back tho 😛

  7. I like the one with purple in it better. Lemme guess, you identify with purple? 😛

  8. fucking hilarious man!

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